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Finland: Manufacturer of cross laminated timber (CLT) elements and timber building modules - 13.5 m EUR
A successful Finnish manufacturer of cross laminated timber elements and timber building modules with about 100 employees and a turnover of approx. 20 million EUR and is 100% for sale. Two fully equipped factories enable the production of high quality CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) elements and modules for the construction of wooden houses. These elements are directly installed for customers, partly on a turnkey basis, by the company's own assembly operation. The company has the relevant know-how and proprietary developments protected by industrial property rights. The company's rapid growth to a significant market share in the Finnish CLT market so far and the increasing sales due to climate change illustrate the company's further growth potential. Growth can be increased rapidly through targeted investments. The company owns real estate worth an additional EUR 2.5 million. The transaction value of the company amounts to EUR 13.5 million.

Projektnummer: 21564

Poland - Warsaw: Engineering design office for sanitary, electrical and low-voltage installations - 1.5 m EUR
Founded in 2008 and transformed into a limited liability company in 2016, the Warsaw-area engineering design office for sanitary, electrical and low-voltage installations designs installations including complex cubic building designs as a one-stop shop for: Offices, hotels, residential complexes, shopping centres, airports, museums, server rooms, stadiums, hospitals, as well as traffic control and perimeter protection. It has various design certificates for server rooms and CAD and BIM design software, its own server room and 240 licences for industry software. 49 employees realise a turnover of approx. 1.5 million EUR (+22%) in 2021. With projects in Poland, Western Europe and the USA. In 2021, the pre-tax profit is about 4.4% (approx. 300,000 PLN). The company is looking for a competent sector partner from the DACH region who will drive the Europeanisation of the company by acquiring a majority stake.

Projektnummer: 21563

Profitable IT SW development and consulting company in southern Germany - EUR 3.9 m
For sale is a successful IT company in an attractive location in southern Germany with 30 - 40 employees generating sustainable earnings in a turnover category of EUR 3 - 5 million and an increasing return of 10 - 16%. 2/3 of the highly qualified employees work in SW development. The focus of business activities is on individual consulting, conception and implementation in the field of big data, data analytics, data warehouse, marketing automation, CRM, CDP and web-based enterprise software solutions, preferably with cloud technologies. High affinity to personalised marketing. The significant market demand for processing and utilisation of data for new data-driven business models, for marketing automation and personalisation, as well as the acquisition and use of customer-specific data in the marketing environment ensures further significant growth potential for the company's business model. The competence in processing large amounts of data (Big Data) and data modelling around the customer enables new applications in digitalisation as well as the introduction of artificial intelligence and supports the new developments on identity networks. Further growth potential is offered by the demand from renowned large companies from the customer base for the expansion of software development capacities. As one of the shareholders is pursuing other private interests, the managing director of the operating company would like to transfer the company to a larger unit in order to better exploit the market potential and is still available for the transfer. This will ideally lead to further synergies.

Projektnummer: 21557

Poland: Leading plastic injection moulding company - 3.7 m EUR
a leading plastic injection moulding and tooling company with dynamic business growth is up for majority or full takeover. The company, which specialises in the automotive and medical technology industries, achieved a turnover of approx. EUR 3.7 million in 2020 (EBIT > 20%). The company has first-class experience in the automotive industry with well-known customers such as Porsche, Audi, VW, BMW, among others. The company's own moulds are exported to Mexico, Germany, Sweden and Russia. The company holds numerous certificates, including ISO 9001 and TS / IATF 16949, which ensure compliance with the high standards. The company employs a total of 80 people, 25 of whom work in injection moulding and another 25 in toolmaking. An excellent double-digit result in 2020 of approx. 880 TEUR (approx. > 23% EBIT) illustrates the know-how and competence of the company. The aim is to sell the company, if possible, to an industry partner from the DACH region who will enable further Europe-wide growth with meaningful synergies by means of a majority shareholding. We are cooperating with a Polish partner who speaks fluent German.

Projektnummer: 21559

Poland: Profitable electrical and communication technology company seeks synergies in Western Europe - 3 m EUR
The company develops and implements electrical and communication technology systems such as alarm systems, video surveillance, fire alarm systems, access and entry control, working time recording, etc., as well as control cabinet construction. A team of over 70 employees generated a turnover of approx. EUR 3 million in 2019. The EBIT amounted to approx. 12%. The aim is to sell the company, if possible, to an industry partner from the DACH region, which will enable further Europe-wide growth with meaningful synergy by means of a majority shareholding.

Projektnummer: 21558

Poland: Remote IT service management (incl. helpdesk) - 1.3 m EUR
The company, founded in 2013, provides remote IT services as well as remote IT management incl. helpdesk services for international and Polish clients with 40 employees. It achieved a turnover of about EUR 1.3 m in 2020 with a return on investment of about 11 %. The more than 200 B2B customers benefit on a subscriber basis from the high standards in the complete management of their servers, routers, end devices, hosting, updates, backups, security and helpdesk services for their employees. The company provides international remote IT services in English to customers from USA, China, Germany, UK, France, Italy, CZ and UAE. The company aims to expand its services to Western Europe with an international partner, if possible in the form of a joint international IT service management centre, and is therefore looking for an industry partner who has the relevant expertise for such an expansion and possibly further synergies, The acquisition of a majority shareholding is possible.

Projektnummer: 21561

Real Estate Project in the Romanian Silicon Valley - 7.5 m EUR
Romania: A fascinating Real Estate Project in the "Romanian Silicon Valley" is looking for financing 7.5 m EUR either by loan or by participation of up to 50 % of the shares of the project company owning 45.500 sqm land (Value: 13.5 m EUR) to pursue a very promising and architectural well planned project. Well elaborated documents available. Amount of loan or purchase price: 7.5 m EUR

Projektnummer: 21554

Electricity supplier: Eco-friendly mini-power plants - EUR 10 million
Financing of the now-to-be-built mass production of proven environmentally friendly mini-power plants. A very profitable and ethically valuable investment in an ecological milestone. Company is the first electricity supplier that no longer produces electricity in large, centralized power plants but in thousands of miniature power plants. The newly developed mini-power plant produces in an ecological friendly way electricity at the consumer. The company offers low noise and completely remote controlled mini power plants. Good order book! Company's energy system offers considerable advantages and replaces cost-effectively all (at least 14) fuels in use. Required capital: According to business plan, a total volume of about 65 million EUR. To date, about EUR 30 million of shares have been bought by private investors. The company now needs for the next step another EUR 10 million. Minimum participation: from EUR 500,000 onwards Use of funds: mainly for the financing of the mass production of mini-power plants now to be established. Planned turnover 2025: 185 million EUR Planned EBIT 2025: 27 million EUR.

Projektnummer: 18486

Mobile Device Company with Focus on eInk Devices, Tablets, Smartphones and Smartwatches > 0,25 - 12 m EUR/CHF/USD
Strong Growth Financing: The European technology company with representation in the USA, Germany and China develops and delivers customized IT device solutions for industrial and retail clients based on universal product platforms (Android/Linux/Windows). The ultra-modern e-ink devices have several unique features and adapt flexibly to various equipment solutions. Despite professional production in China the core technology remains in the company. Custom tailored devices will be produced starting at only 1'000 pieces OEM / ODM with customer logo. Professional management is preparing a trade sale within 3 years. The Company is open to minority or majority investments in the form of equity, debt or convertible debt starting from 250,000 EUR/CHF/USD. EBITDA 2021 (exp.) > 20%.

Projektnummer: 13424

Poland: Profitable office supply trading company with expandable B2B online platform - 1.4 m EUR
For sale is a well established profitable trading company with office supply materials located in 2 Polish cities. Consumers and retailers may order online by a professional web trade platform office supplies, computer accessories and office equipment from well-known producers. Very good customner base. The high logistics efficiency allows customer services for companies with even hundreds of branches throughout the whole country. 19 employees generate sales of approx. 3 m EUR. Sales price: 1.4 m EUR

Projektnummer: 18504

Hair care products: Managing partner (49%) wanted for DACH company on growth path - 200 kEUR
Developer and manufacturer of an innovative, high-quality hair care product line that has been successfully tested for 10 years with pharmacy listing for Germany, Austria and Switzerland is looking for share buyers up to 49% in the course of further growth. Invest: 200 kEUR

Projektnummer: 20538

"SAFER" Digital Country: GIS - Unique software technology for agriculture and forestry – FAO recommended - Worldwide rollout > 5 m EUR
After many years of development the unique software technology for a universal Geo Information System (GIS) for global agriculture and forestry, food trade, food industry, cooperatives, etc. and for the management of environment, natural resources and risks will now start global distribution. FAO recommend this product which is based on an own geographic information system and offer solutions for individual customers, regions and entire countries. A cooperation with Microsoft enables the global integration of orthophotos (Bing Maps). The extensively funded development work is mostly completed. Currently, the focus is on offering solutions for entire states, which in turn can sublicense the system. Soil, environmental and climate analyzes lead to targeted land use and afforestation, detect "polluters" and provide all the tools needed to sustainably contribute to a - global - improvement of the environment. Investment volume > 5 m EUR

Projektnummer: 11407

Low Emission Bus (patented) - equity partner for series production - 5 m EUR
On hold: For this international low-emission bus project with development in EU and CAN, ideally an industry partner is sought to acquire a minority stake and equity to finance the entry into industrial series production. Turnover: 12 m EUR; EBITDA: 2 m EUR. Turnover goal > 100 m EUR in 2021. Equity required: 5 m EUR (from 500 k EUR on)

Projektnummer: 17477

Mineral water companies in Spain - 104,1 m EUR
Accompanied by an international consortium several independent mineral water companies and wells are for sale as a whole or in parts available in Spain. "Total package" for EUR 104.1 million, of which most interesting 2 bottled water manufacturers with established brands and unlimited water withdrawal right (!) are for sale for EUR 37.7 million. These certified high-quality sales objects have, i.a., suitability for baby food or medicinal water. Unique possibility to invest in the future mega market "water". 2 mineral water bottling plants + 2 top national brands + 5 wells are sold for 37.7 m EUR.

Projektnummer: 07239

Highly Profitable Outdoor Wellness Pool Retailer + E-Commerce and with Own Brand - EUR 16.5 million
On hold - until mid 2021: Exceptionally dynamic, highly profitable mail order company for outdoor wellness pools with its own strong brand is up for sale. Within a short period of time, the young company has achieved considerable increases in turnover and earnings. In Germany, sales of wellness pools more than doubled in 2017 compared to the previous year. In 2018 an increase of approx. 25% was achieved. At present, the company continues to grow rapidly - despite "Corona". Further high increases in the German market are expected in the coming years. Market expansion in Europe: In the next stage, further significant increases in sales and earnings will be achieved by entering the dynamically growing European market. The owner has introduced a sophisticated growth-generating sales system. The company's convenient location offers ideal conditions for logistics, including Europe-wide logistics. Particularly interesting for wellness pool manufacturers who want to build up or expand sales in the European market. This can be done with their own brand as well as with a two-brand strategy. Customers receive professional advice and technical service via a flagship store, while orders are largely placed via the online webshop. Growth in 2020: > 50 %. Sales category EUR 10 - 30 million Purchase price: 7.8 x EBITDA 2020

Projektnummer: 17472

Online trade heating, plumbing, installation - Participation 1 m EUR
In a very short time, the company has developed from a small start-up to a sales volume of about 7 million EUR in 2018. Further significant growth is planned and appropriate measures have been initiated and are being implemented on an ongoing basis. To realize further growth, the company needs growth capital against loans. The owner is also willing to offer a minority interest of e.g. 20% for 500,000 EUR in combination with an additional loan. Year of foundation: 2010; about 20 employees; Sales volume: 2018: ca. 7 million EUR, 2019 planned: approx. 8.5 million EUR. Customer segments: a) Private customers approx. 90% with an estimated turnover share of approx. 70%. b) Business customers approx. 10% with an estimated turnover share of approx. 30%. Customers: > 250,000 customers

Projektnummer: 17474


German-speaking Switzerland: Established timber trading company or dynamic timber construction company.
Large strategic investor is looking to expand its portfolio in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. The company is looking for dynamic and established companies in the timber trade and timber construction sectors. On the one hand, it is planned to invest in or take over a timber trading company that supplies timber construction companies and joineries with the required timber products and accessories. In addition, the investor is looking for a timber construction company, preferably located in the cantons of Schwyz, Lucerne, Obwalden, Nidwalden, Zurich or St. Gallen.

Projektnummer: 21565

Food wholesalers and food chains > EUR 20 million - Europe-wide
An international group of investors is looking for profitable companies in the food sector in German-speaking countries and in other European countries. In particular, the group is looking for companies in the food wholesale sector as well as food chains. Purchase price > EUR 20 million - EUR 300 million

Projektnummer: 21551

DACH Region - BENELUX: Modern Health and Nutrition Companies
Family Office is looking for established companies in the fields of health, nutrition, food supplements, "super food", "healthy juices", organic and vegan food from turnover > EUR 2 million in the DACH region, the Netherlands and preferably in the Flemish speaking region of Belgium as well as young, also smaller companies from various sectors such as health care, nutrition, etc.

Projektnummer: 20531

Healthcare - Pharma - Clinics - Medical (consumer) goods - Laboratories - etc. > 1 m EUR
A German Group is looking for various (only) profitable companies in the healthcare and pharma sector internationally in the following regions: Turnover > 1 m EUR - EMEA / Asia / USA: (Food) Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Environmental Analysis; Turnover > EUR 2 m Europe / worldwide: Pharmaceutical services, Occupational Medicine, Occupational safety; Turnover > 1 m EUR - DACH region: Medical billing providers, Rehabilitation Clinics, Outpatient rehabilitation, Intensive Care; Turnover > 5 m EUR - DACH region: Nursing Homes, (Special) Clinics; Turnover > 10 m EUR: Medical (consumer) goods, Medical Technology.

Projektnummer: 20528

Staffing/Temporary Employment with focus on IT, healthcare and engineering sectors - EBIT > 0.5 m EUR
A German provider of staffing and related human resources services with a turnover of > 50 m EUR and > 50 branches throughout Germany. The company supplies qualified temporary workers to blue chip and SME customers active in various sectors, with a specialization in medical and IT Development. Growth strategy: Establishment of a market leader for qualified personnel staffing through organic expansion and selective acquisitions in IT, healthcare and engineering sectors in BENELUX and DACH region with turnover of > 5 m EUR and EBIT > 0.5 m EUR.

Projektnummer: 20527

Building Cleaning - Facility Management > 10 M EUR
A company or group of companies in the field of building cleaning and/or facility management with a turnover volume of EUR 10 million or more in German-speaking countries is required. The investor is a serious international fund that - if necessary together with the seller - aims for stable growth and further expansion of the company. If required, the investor provides qualified management for the management; however, this is not mandatory. Experience to date has shown that the investor maintains a fair relationship with the sellers and, if necessary, the continuing managing directors.

Projektnummer: 18507

European logistics company Health Care & Life Science > EUR 10 million turnover
Strategic Investor is looking for: --- Logistics company with focus on HealthCare industry, especially on medical technology. --- Focus of logistic activity in contract logistics (Warehousing and value-added services) --- Companies with location (s) in Europe, preferably Germany, Belgium and / or Netherlands. --- Turnover of the company EUR 10-70 million p.a. (possibly also several smaller acquisitions or partial purchase of a larger organization).

Projektnummer: 18488

Moldmakers and toolmakers
Various Chinese mold and tool manufacturers are looking for suitable companies in Germany to purchase, participation or cooperation. Joint market development in Germany and/or China via Joint Ventures is possible as well as vice versa participation in the respective Chinese companies.

Projektnummer: 18481

Pump manufacturer wanted
Internationally oriented pump manufacturer is looking for acquisitions.

Projektnummer: 17478

Manufacturer or Wholesale Distributor of Swimming Pool Products in Western Europe
Manufacturer or Wholesale Distributor of An US manufacturer, wholesale distributor and global exporter of swimming pool (not spa) products is very interested in acquiring a profitable manufacturer or wholesale distributor company in Western Europe. Focus is on swimming pool builders, retail pool stores, and pool service companies The preferred location would be France.

Projektnummer: 17473

South Korean food company with European Growth Strategy: Sector acquisitions up to 90 m EUR
Food producer for yogurt, pasta, etc. is looking for companies throughout the food sector in DE and EU up to 100 m US$/ 90 m EUR.

Projektnummer: 15454

South Korean manufacturer: Automotive Suppliers 9 m EUR
Search for German or European company from the automotive suppliers industry as a JV or acquisition. Purchase price: 7,5 - 9 m EUR.

Projektnummer: 15453

SW Company: Digital Time Attendance in DACH region
Internat. Buyer is looking for SW Company in digital Time Attendance (schedule management, tracking and control of activities, etc.) and process analysis of corporate data. Germany or DACH region.

Projektnummer: 15450

Chinese Heat Treater looks for German acquisition or JV
Market leader with 7 Heat Treaters in 7 regions in China seeks a partnership with a German Heat Treater. Possible ways: equity investment, acquisition, joint venture in China or the purchase of technology.

Projektnummer: 14436

Wind parks in D, F, GB: approx. 6 MW to 20 MW
Wind parks completed or nearly completed in Germany and in France or England with excellent wind favorable location are sought by European investor specialized in renewable energies. Volume: 2 - 10 units with approx. 6 MW to 20 MW.

Projektnummer: 11406

Co-investor for PV installations on commercial buildings
Professional project managers and investors are looking for PV installations on commercial buildings in Germany, Italy, Bulgaria (there also outdoors) 1. Roof space of 1,000 sqm - 10,000 sqm sought for lease preferably on commercial buildings. 2. Customers wanted, who want to buy a PV system - between 100 kWp and 1 MWp. 3. Customers who are looking for a co-investment partner for the construction of a PV system (on their own or someone else's roof).

Projektnummer: 12418

Hydroelectric power plants
Group of investors looking for hydropower plants, preferably in Germany.

Projektnummer: 11405

Aluminium Processing Company
Successful group looks for small aluminium processing company in Southern Germany. Focus: on milling of aluminium castings with sizes up to 800 x 800 x 800 mm, so the company should own 4/5-axis processing centers.

Projektnummer: 10381

Aluminium foundry for sand and mould casting
Successful Group looks for a small to medium-sized aluminium foundry located in Southern Germany. Due to the planned acquisition, the own product line should be enlarged by sand- and /or mould castings.

Projektnummer: 10378

Europe: Wholesale and distribution of computer accessories
Investor looks for a wholesale and distributor of computer accessories or computer small parts from Europe. Turnover > 2 million EUR.

Projektnummer: 10364

Ball Bearings and propulsion technology trader
Well-known dealer of specialized tools is looking for ball bearings and propulsion technology trader/ retailer. Company can be located in Germany, Poland or in the whole European Union.

Projektnummer: 10367

Manufacturer in the region of Ulm
Entrepreneur looking for production company near Ulm. The company shall have growth potential. Purchase price 1 - 5 m EUR.

Projektnummer: 10356

Glass trading company (insulating glass, ESG and VSG)
With reference to buy & build strategy, an investor is looking for a glass trading company from Germany, acting in trade of insulating glass, toughened glass (ESG) and laminated safety glass (VSG).

Projektnummer: 09350

Profitable trading company (pharmaceutical sector, groceries)
An investor is looking for a large, profitable trading company, preferably in the sector of pharmaceuticals or food. Min. size: 10 mEUR turnover.

Projektnummer: 09348

Aluminium casting from Germany or neighboring countries
Investor looks for aluminium casting company in the sector of sand and mould casting in Germany or Europe. Turnover: 5 - 50 mEUR

Projektnummer: 09347

Insulating glass producer
A PE-Company is looking for an insulating glass producer - also toughened glass (ESG) and laminated safety glass (VSG) - for a majoritarian acquisition to extend its existing portfolio. The target company should support in the performance of existing orders. Turnover: 5 - 50 mEUR

Projektnummer: 09346

Profitable printing company in Poland > 5 m PLN (1,2 m EUR)
A German investor from printing industry looks for a profitable printing company in Poland. The target company should generate revenues > 5 m PLN and a rate of return higher than 8%-10%. Further requirements: modern machine park, high production capacities, regular customers, high growth potential, small bank liabilities.

Projektnummer: 09342

Company for medical engineering – turnover 20-100 m EUR
A group of investors from entrepreneurs’ milieu looks for a profitable company acting in medical engineering industry with annual turnover of 20-100 m EUR. A national or internat. company is asked in order to buy a controlling share; in case of expansion financing a smaller share is also possible. The specific branch segment is less important if the company has growth potential. Active Managerment is possible.

Projektnummer: 08302

Forwarder agencies/ Logistics South Germany, A, CH > 3 m EUR
Various forwarder agencies are looking for forwarder agencies/ logisticians in South Germany, A and CH. Turnover > 3 m EUR and transport fleet > 30 tractor units. The optimal companies should: provide sector specified distribution and order picking service; provide contractual logistics-service for trade and manufacturing (contractual logistics); act especially in building materials, mechanical engineering or automobile manufacture.

Projektnummer: 08292

Precision optics, renewable energy, Biotech – turnover > 5 m EUR
After successful sale of their former company two entrepreneurs are looking now for an acquisition of an European (or Canadian) dynamic production company with its own innovative, patented or licensed products and strong R&D department. This company should have > 50 employees and a turnover of > 5 m EUR. The following industries are in focus: Precision optics, optics components; Renewable Energy, Photovoltaics, Synthetic fuels; Biotech. Geographical focus: D, A, CH, F, E, Canada.

Projektnummer: 07282

Manufacturer from the Ulm`s surroundings
We are looking for a manufacturer from Ulm`s surrounding in a max. 100 km circuit and with a turnover to max. 10 m Euro.

Projektnummer: 07273

Producers of industrial safety protection >3 - 100 m EUR
A major producer of industrial safety protection products is looking for high-yield production companies in Europe, USA/Asia with growth potential and > 3 m EUR sales. Particularly interesting are producers of: eye wear protection, military masks, earplugs, accident protection.

Projektnummer: A 07245

Central European Drink Producer is looking for acquisitions in Germany.
Central European drink producer and distributor is looking for German company, which produces, distributes and trades with soft drinks (mineral water, fruit juice, lemonade) with a turnover of > 10 m EUR.

Projektnummer: 06220

Profitable temporary employment agencies > 20 mEUR
The temporary employment agency from Germany or Europe should have solid growth prospects and returns. Category: > 20 mEUR turnover.

Projektnummer: 06194

Production Companies with promising future technology are asked (approx. 1 m EUR)
Company specialised in recycling, waste procurement, strategic management of waste streams, secondary aluminum melting looks for smaller German production companies with a promising future technology, if possible in a market niche, which need financial / management support.

Projektnummer: 06219

Companies in restructuring process.
Investment company looks for companies (not start-ups) which have financial difficulties to initiate restructuring process. The sectors of retail/wholesale, engineering industry and car industry are prefered; other sectors are possible. If necessary, own management capacities will be made available. Turnover: > 10 m EUR. Purchase price: up to 50 m EUR.

Projektnummer: 06214

Polish producers of Electrical Consumer Products requested
Internat. Group looks for profitable companies, established on the Polish market, distribution networks or cooperations in the segment Electrical Consumer Products (electric heating products, kitchen appliances etc.).

Projektnummer: 06218

Cable production or assembling
In the focus is a company that produces or processes cables or something related to the cable-sector like cable assembling. Company is interested in various sizes from 1 - 50 m EUR without a specific regional/national focus.

Projektnummer: 05181

Unsettled Succession
A financial investor is interested in companies which are for sale because of unsettled succession. Company should have a strong position in its market as well as good growth possibilities. Turnover > 5 m EUR.

Projektnummer: 05012