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Corporate Principles of
M & A Strategie GmbH

Competence, reliability, professionalism
and discretion are our
inalienable principles


M & A Strategie GmbH is a specialized consulting firm in the area of Mergers and Acquisitions. The business subject matter is the shaping, supporting and realization of different types of business transactions.

We attach special attention by our qualified and competent consultants to safeguard and to increase the company's value in the selling preparatory phase (Pre-Merger) and to create synergies after company transfer in the business integration phase (Post-Merger Integration).

Our consulting services are carried out particularly regarding corporate and participatory acquisitions and sales, the formation of corporate mergers, collaborations and succession processes, the search for and bringing together of suitable contractual partners and the drafting of strategies and financing.

Thus we support the entire transaction process.


M & A Strategie GmbH follows the concept of the creation of a Center of Excellence through the selection of highly-qualified partners and the active creation of a progressive network formation. This is the effective framework which makes it possible for us to provide for you as our customer and business partner the most comprehensive, well-founded and goal-oriented consulting services.

Customer Orientation: The consulting services take place individually-tailored to your business and your specific situation. We do not favour revolutionary ad hoc processes, but rather employ evolutionary strategies that are goal-oriented which take into consideration the systematic overall context of the company.

Sustainable Safeguarding of the Company: We are convinced that the key to a successful M & A consultancy and transaction design is the sustained securing of your position with creating of a win-win situation for all parties participating in the corporate transactions, succession processes or cooperation.

We attach particular importance to the safeguarding of the integrity of the company to be transferred.

Customer Focus

As the customer, you are the focus: You are the captain, we are the experienced navigators.

You profit from our engagement: We take the work burden from you and your financial benefit from a successful transaction exceeds the fee to be paid to us - usually many times over. Focal point of our consultancy is the continued pursuit of your genuine interests with the best effort and commitment. We guarantee through our partners and project teams a professional, competent, conscientious, careful and empathetic management of the entire transaction process. Confidentiality and discretion are guaranteed.

We provide our qualified consulting services through a network of selected independent partners and cooperation partners in accordance with the principles of competence, reliability and professionalism. Databased expert knowledge assures you well-founded and quick results.

To provide you the best possible service is our incentive and goal.