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Post Merger Integration

Post Merger Integration

With PMI or Post-Merger Integration, the implementation phase of a company transaction is understood.

This phase is crucial for the success of a transaction and the actual raising of synergies.

Core Task: Integration

Very often the personal and cultural integration is strongly neglected after a completed company transaction.

Even if the champagne corks may pop after the signing of the company purchase contract: The real work is jet to be done. The synergy effects often calculated generously in purchase price evaluations still require the realization in the company's daily life when the agreed transaction is implemented.

Cultural Differences

Approximately one-half of all alliances in the United States fail within the first five years. This is in Germany hardly different. The reason for this lies essentially in the conduct of the management and employees of the affected companies.

In this case, a key role falls to the personnel management to work out the corporate cultural differences in a personnel strategy and to lead to a systematic solution.

From the outside coming experienced HR consultants can support this process positively and thus substantially contribute to the success of the integration. In this way, synergies that were previously hoped for and often priced in, might then actually be raised.

Focal Points

A personnel integration team consisting of representatives particularly from the personnel department develops a workable competence management and cultural management which it then implements. This involves inter alia the following tasks:

  1. Deriving of an integration strategy through the determination of the fundamental company model.
  2. Determination of the influence of different national cultures on manners of conduct, belief and value systems of employees.
  3. Striving for a cultural integration strategy with the effects upon the cultural management and the recommended management system.
  4. Determination of the time horizons and the desired integration speed.