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Corporate Sales

You would like to have your life's work transferred into good hands? You have no descendants willing to take over and you are looking for a responsible successor? Due to strategic reasons, you would like to part with a company or company division?

After your desire to sell has been established, we will support you in the identification of a company buyer suitable for you. This requires the conclusion of an Exclusive Selling Mandate with M & A Strategie GmbH.

Phase 1:
Strategy Design (in transaction process) and Determination of the Transaction Method

  1. Company analysis
  2. Market-appropriate company evaluation
  3. Structuring and determining of a selling strategy
  4. Drawing up of an Information Memorandum

Phase 2:
Identification of Potential Contractual Partners

  1. Determination and identification of potential interested parties (Long List)
  2. Selection in consultation with the Seller (Short List)
  3. Anonymous establishment of contact with selected Buyers
  4. Against Non-Disclosure Agreement: Submission of the Information Memorandum

Phase 3:
Establishment of Contact and Due Diligence Review

  1. On-site inspection of the company by the interested parties
  2. Initiation of negotiations with prospective partners
  3. Due Diligence Review of the interested parties / disclosure of company data
  4. Purchase price negotiation, if necessary, bidding process (Final Bidding)
  5. Structuring of the takeover

Phase 4:
Negotiation and Contractual Conclusion

  1. Letter of Intent
  2. Contractual draft by external legal and tax consultants
  3. Concluding negotiations
  4. Notarial contractual conclusion
  5. Closing