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The amalgamation of equities of at least two legally independent stock companies in such a way that at least one of the companies involved becomes extinct is called Merger.

If you are planning a Merger, in particular the relevant Conversion Law and national and European antitrust law issues are to be considered.

Support by M & A Strategie GmbH

M & A Strategie GmbH supports you in achieving a successful Merger, from conception and design to identification of partners and implementation of this form of cooperation. The individual stages of consultancy are not outright identical to those followed with Strategic Alliances or Joint Ventures. A Merger may result from a foregoing cooperation or may present itself as an alternative to corporate transactions such as company acquisitions or participatory acquisitions.

Therefore the partners involved in a merger are often already known before you consider consultancy; and as a consequence the determination of Merger candidates (Phase 2) will not take place, unless doubts arise in the course of the M & A procedure if the right partner has been chosen. If you have concluded a consultancy mandate with M & A Strategie GmbH, we will lead you through the following individual stages. This requires the conclusion of a respective Consultancy Mandate with M & A Strategie GmbH.

Phase 1:
Strategy Design

  1. Strategic definition of the company position, company analysis
  2. Deriving, structuring and determination of a Merger strategy

Phase 2:
Optional - Determination of the Merger Partner

  1. Identification of suitable Merger candidates (Long List)
  2. Selection in concert with the clientr
  3. Anonymous establishing of contact with the selected Merger candidates
  4. Identification of suitable Merger candidates with the client (Short List)
  5. Creation of an Information Memorandum for the Merger candidates

Phase 3:
Establishing of Contact and Exchange of Information

  1. Establishing of contact and initiation of negotiations
  2. Reciprocal disclosure of relevant company data
  3. Structuring of Merger

Phase 4:
Negotiations and Conclusion of Contract

  1. Letter of Intent
  2. Contractual draft by external legal and tax advisors
  3. Concluding negotiations
  4. Contractual conclusion certified by public notary