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Strategic M & A Consulting

Strategy Consulting

Shaping prior to a Transaction

Starting point for any M & A activity is the determination of the company's strategy.

Who does not define where he wants to go, will not get there.

The process of transfer of the company is complex and in each case individually different. Therefore, a clearly structured support in particular for the seller is of great benefit.

Strategy Check

A compact company check combined with a strength / weakness analysis serves as an entry to timely recognize the essential need for action and initiate immediate and fast simple remedies.

Not every company is directly suitable for sale. But even well-organized companies can increase their sales opportunities with regard to a transaction.

Therefore we offer - on request beyond the mere accompaniment of the M & A process - prior to a company transition a strategic M & A consulting and process optimization.

To get started a compact Strategy Check or Company Check of your company on potentials and recommendations for action can be made in a first step.

The Company Check and the strategy consulting are always customized and are used for internal preparation of handover activities. These can also be extended to the tracing and improvement of sales potentials.

An analysis and the possible initiation of targeted action takes place reasonably before defining the corporate sales strategy.

Company Check and Strategy Check of M & A Strategie GmbH

Strategic M & A Consulting: Company Check and Strategy Check of M & A Strategie GmbH

In the context of transaction support the Company Check or Strategy Check of M & A Strategie GmbH is as a compact instrument the first step for the analysis of your company. As an entry point to identify possible potential and earnings growth of your company, it leads to concrete recommendations for action.

With the targeted implementation of our recommendations before the company sale, the company achieves a sustained higher value and thus an increased attractiveness for corporate buyers.

1. Analysis

During the 1st step of the company check or strategy check - tailored to your specific needs - the analysis of customers, products, processes, finances and market drivers is made.

Thus, we determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks and identify potentials, to sustainably increase the EBIT and thus the value of your company.

2. Recommendations for Action

From the results of this analysis, we derive in the 2nd step for your business specific recommendations for action.

Together with you we weigh the various recommendations for action. You then select the most promising issues that are to be implemented primarily in order to achieve a sustainable increase in earnings.

Strategic M & A Consulting: Strategy Check and Implementation

3. Implementation

Only the professional implementation recommendations for action leads to an increase in corporate value.

M & A Strategy GmbH offers with its own network of consultants selected experts with practical experience that give in the 3rd step a qualified and competent support for the implementation of the recommendations.

The Company Check or Strategy Check with subsequent implementation gives you the opportunity to identify and lift potentials to Increase teh value of your enterprise.

4. Practical

We do not just surprise you with non-binding slides and then leave you alone. Our experienced practitioners also support you in the next step actively and purposefully in the implementation. However, you control at any time the scope of this process.

We are happy to explain to you our Company Check and Strategy Check in a non-binding initial consultation.

Vendor Due Diligence

The company analysis shows the actual state with potential weaknesses but also expandable strengths. Without time pressure, the seller receives a neutral view of his company up to a broader so-called Vendor Due Diligence. He learns potential weak points before a due diligence made by critical consultants from the buyer side.

So he is already prepared in sales negotiations on important arguments the buyer side might raise, even if he should not have previously used the findings to a positive business development and an improvement in the company's rating.

Purchase Price Relevance

The unprepared confrontation with not known weaknesses usually leads to a reduction of the selling price. The necessary effort and associated costs are calculated by us individually after a first, non-binding dialogue.

The cost of the analysis on the one hand are facing an improvement in sales strategy, often an accelerated sale and usually a better selling price. The scope of analysis can be controlled by the client. You determine whether and in how far we support the implementation.

Support from M & A Strategie GmbH

The strategic M & A consulting, the Company Check or Strategy Check and the following implementation and process optimization require each a separate mandate and are not included in the accompaniment of the corporate sale as such.

It is explicitly noted that the M & A Strategie GmbH only supports the entrepreneur in his decisions with advisory services, but in the legal sense does not owe any success. The M & A Strategie GmbH also explicitly does not provide any legal or tax advice.

Increase sales opportunities - increase goodwill
Extract of possible Analyses and measures to implement

  • Compact 1-3-day Company Check or Strategy Check with first recommendations for action.
  • SWOT Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) under the special perspective: What is important for prospective purchasers, successors and their lenders?
  • Analysis and presentation of the strategic market position of the company and definition of the strategic objectives. Creating or revising a business plan. Functional strategies and operational process optimization in various business areas.
  • Process optimization in order processing and production to reduce the processing time, the necessary stocks and surfaces, the costs of tied capital and hence a rapid increase of profitability and release of available liquidity.
  • Consideration of the customer, product and service matrix.
  • Analysis of cost structures. Consideration of the "soft" factors.
  • Internal preparation for the change of ownership. Organisation of know-how transfer.