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Corporate Acquisitions

You would like to grow - in Germany, throughout Europe or internationally? You have - if necessary, with our help - undertaken a strategic analysis of the position of your company? To rely solely upon internal growth of your company on your own is too costly for you in terms of time and money?

After the acquisition strategy has been determined, we will support you in identification of the company which is suitable for you to purchase. This requires the conclusion of an Exclusive Search Mandate with M & A Strategie GmbH:

Phase 1:
Strategic Design (in transaction process)

  1. Strategy definition of the company position, company analysis
  2. Structuring and determining of an acquisition strategy
  3. Drawing up of a search profile

Phase 2:
Identification of Potential Contractual Partners

  1. Identification of Sellers suitable to the market potential (Long List)
  2. Selection in consultation with the Buyer
  3. Anonymous establishing of contact with the selected Sellers
  4. Identification of suitable selling candidates with the Buyer (Short List)
  5. Creation of an Information Memorandum for the Buyer

Phase 3:
Establishing of Contact and Due Diligence Review

  1. On-site inspection of the company for sale
  2. Initiation of negotiations with the prospective Sellers
  3. Investigation of the Buyer / disclosure of the company data of the Seller
  4. Purchase price negotiationg
  5. Structuring of the takeover

Phase 4:
Negotiation and Contractual Conclusion

  1. Letter of Intent
  2. Contractual draft by external legal and tax advisors
  3. Concluding negotiations
  4. Notarial contractual conclusion
  5. Closing