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Marketing and Sales

Competitive Advantages through Marketing and Sales

Support before and after the Company Sale

For a company it is vital to understand it`s market’s needs.

All entrepreneurial activities must be centered to offer those products, which are actually required by the market.

So it is indispensable to be aware of the changes in the market as well as changes in customer needs.

If enterprises are successful in that respect competitive advantages can be realized.

Even the best products can barely be sold without an integrated marketing concept and a professional distribution.

Professional distribution does not only mean “to talk to the customer”. It is a systematic approach with a view to conclude a contract and gain a long term customer loyalty for the company.

A further significant success factor besides stepping up to the customer is stimulating the motivation of the company`s own staff.

We analyze your company`s marketing mix and derive appropriate recommendations for action.

We willingly assist in the operational implementation of the necessary marketing-measures and raise your company`s profitability and thus the value of your company. This may happen either by coaching activities as well as temporary professional sales support.

We do analyze your sales department as well and derive different recommendations for action. This includes the review of distribution channels and sales markets.

We provide sales support with coaching measures and/or temporarily employed professional experts (interim managers).

Our experienced sales professionals give support in the integration of the enterprise acquired.

In addition to the need of an efficient distribution structure cultural competence is a crucial success factor.

Key Questions

  • How is the company`s actual marketing-mix designed?
  • Which advertising campaigns are executed?
  • How does the present pricing policy look like?
  • Which sales markets are supplied?
  • What is the current sales structure?


  • Presentation of the company`s actual marketing mix.
  • Description of the present advertising activities.
  • List of products - including prices.
  • Evaluation of the sales markets served.
  • Streamlining the actual distribution structure.

Our Services

  • Elaboration of proposals to optimize your marketing-mix.
  • Analysis of advertising activities and develop proposal for optimization.
  • Review of price elasticities finding out chances to increase prices.
  • Check whether an extension or reduction of the markets is reasonable.
  • Development of proposals for the optimization of the sales structure (including distribution channels).

Your Benefit

The marketing-measures and sales activities will be focused and their efficiency will be improved.

It is important to us:

Our services are not restricted on the mere presentation of concepts. We do as well actively support you in their effective implementation under assistance of our experienced managers.