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Business Model Analysis and Innovation

Innovative Business Models

The correct business model is important for successful entrepreneurial activity. Many companies just act in the way they have always acted without questioning or testing their business model. In many industries the future viability of the company is based on its innovation capability.

Correctly placed innovations on the market automatically lead to higher sales and increased income for your company. A higher income leads to a better company sale price. Additionally, potential and innovation capability are essential elements for business buyers, when making their purchase decision.

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The business model of a company shows, which customers, services, value-creation, partners and finances are relevant.

Lack of differentiation

Information on products and services of a company are just nowadays more easily available than ever, which leads to high market transparency. Also the ever-faster and easier ability to imitate products and services lead to an interchangeability by customers. So often there is a lack of a clear differentiation from competitors.

Negative price spiral?

In order to differentiate and to secure market share, companies often reduce prices or offer free additional services. Both measures will cause lower profits and companies finding themselves in a price spiral. Thus the long-term existence of the company is at risk. A company sale in such a situation becomes increasingly hopeless.

Understand, Innovate and Implement Business Models

One possibility to build strong customer relationships and to act sustainably successfully on the market is to understand and innovate the business model of your company.

Starting from the needs of the customer, the current business model and the potential of the company, new products and services are developed and integrated into a sustainable innovative business model

Key questions

Within our business model analysis we apply specially developed questions such as:

  • How do external factors influence your industry and operating business models?
  • How are business models of the own company, of customers, of partners and of competitors designed?
  • Which strengths and weaknesses exist for the own business model and how does it align with future-proof?
  • Do employees know, understand and follow the business model of the company?
  • Is the potential of new business models identified, evaluated and explored?
  • How can new business models be tested in order to reduce risk and raise chances?
  • How are new business models successfully integrated within your company?
  • What time horizon is realistic and available for the implementation?


Based on the analysis of your business model, we derive revenue-enhancing results for your company such as

  • Detect the value chain of the industry to identify ways of forward or backward integration.
  • Identify the most important driver within the industry, to derive opportunities and risks for its own business model.
  • Technology screenings for the identification of technology potentials, which are used for your own business model.
  • Customer-oriented alignment of the processes within your business model.
  • New performance systems and identification of new customer segments to increase sales and earnings

Our services

Your Benefit
of business model innovation:

Due to our experience we support you in business model analysis and business model innovation:

  • Analysis and comparison of current business models (own model, customer model, competitor model).
  • Analysis of your industry on the basis of specific factors, supply chain, customer requirements and stakeholders.
  • Development and evaluation of ideas for the existing business model and new business models.
  • Development of customer-oriented business models and implementation concepts.
  • Assistance in the implementation of new business models.

The future viability of the company depends on its own innovation capability.

  • Increases the strategic flexibility, fast respondence on the basis of a common understanding and focusing on relevant aspects of changes in the market.
  • Reduces the risk of imitation by competitors and raises potential in the context of competitive differentiation due to generating customer value.
  • Creates a sustainable value for you, your customers and your partners and promotes the strengthening of customer relations.
  • The innovation strategy developed provides a clear orientation and signifies meaningful acts for the management and the employees of your company.
  • Improves your performance and has a positive effect on the cost and risk structure of your company.
  • Increases the value of your company.