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Process innovation and management

Successful design and managing of processes

Due to a changing environment, such as the deregulation of competition, the globalisation of markets, the increasing customer demands and technological potential, a process-oriented organization is required because it places the customer in the center of the company's activities.

Together with you, we develop a procedure for the development and detailed description of your processes, which are consistently focused on your customers. In addition to appropriate instruments, we employ best practices to meet individual project requirements.

The improved processes will help the successor to take over a clearly structured company. And finally, the professional process innovation and improved process management increase the value of your company.

The M & A Strategie GmbH follows the idea of establishing a Center of Excellence as a brokerage firm through the selection of highly qualified partners and the active creation of a progressive network building. This is the effective frame, to provide a comprehensive, in-depth and goal-oriented consulting service for sellers and buyers. Confidentiality and discretion are our major rule.

Geschäftsmodellanalyse und Innovation: Geschäftsmodellanalyse© Schallmo 2014

Key questions

  • What is your company's current business model?
  • How does the customer-oriented enterprise process architecture look like?
  • What partners, technologies and success factors are necessary for the design of the ideal process?
  • Which products and services have to be derived from a customer perspective per process throughout the purchase process and how do these products and services are related to each other?
  • What are the activities within the process?
  • Which critical success factors, performance indicators, target values and responsibilities are necessary per process?


  • Current business model of the company
  • Stakeholders and the industry's value chain
  • Customer journey and process architecture of the company
  • Process vision technology, best practices for selected processes
  • Specifications and activities and management tool with critical success factors and performance indicators per process
  • Process description with a summary of the most important elements per process

Our services

  • Description of your company's current business model
  • Analysis of relevant stakeholders, your industry and the description of the value chain
  • Development of the customer journey with relevant stages and requirements
  • Derivation of the customer-oriented process map of your company, which implements strategic requirements
  • Survey of available technologies and best practices, to cheaper, more robust and customer-oriented design of your processes
  • Expression of process vision, process services, processes workflows and litigation
  • Creation of the new process design and monitoring the implementation

Your Benefit

  • Increases customer orientation, due consistently aligned processes to customer requirements
  • Increases competitiveness, because processes are designed more efficiently and effectively
  • Helps to concentrate on the critical processes of the company
  • Ensures the implementation as the measurability of processes is an integral part of the management instruments
  • The successor acquires the company with orderly and structured processes
  • Process innovations improve the future viability of the company