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Customized Strategic Concept

About us

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M & A STRATEGIE GmbH is specialized in consulting, shaping and support of company transactions, succession issues and cooperations.

In the field of M & A successful solutions do not arise from a standard schema.They are characterized by entrepreneurial and personal objectives of participants to the corporate transaction. Therefore we shape your individual goals and desires into a tailor-made strategic concept which then is implemented in close coordination with you.

So we deliver for you the best possible result.

Network of industry experienced practitioners

We see ourselves as a network of long-standing industry experienced practitioners. To achieve your success we neither favour simple linear decisions nor revolutionary ad hoc processes, but rather employ evolutionary strategies that are goal-oriented and which take into consideration the systematic overall context of the company.

Reliability, Competence, Professionalism

Reliability, competence, professionalism are our indispensable business principles. But they are nevertheless only part of the necessary tools of the trade. Strategy is based on numbers - but the acid test is in practice only passed if the real interests of the parties involved in the transaction are recognized and all people affected are taken into consideration carefully.

Why should it be us of all Consultants?

The M & A business does most likely not belong to your daily routine tasks. It is complex and requires expert knowledge, which you - if you invest a considerable amount of time - may of course acquire.

You concentrate on your core competence

However, the concentration on your core competences and the active pursuit of your company interests will not allow you to focus only on the company succession. Moreover, knowledge of the market situation and the possibility to access potential buyers or sellers or the contact to prospective business partners willing to co-operate are essential prerequisites for successful M & A transactions.

If the company is not ready for the handover?

Then our qualified and competent consultants will help you before the sale of your company in safeguarding the company and increasing the EBIT. You define with us the appropriate concrete strategy to improve your sales results and we support you in the implementation. Crucial for our consultancy is our Company or Strategy Check developed by us.

Discrete and professional approach

Finally, confidence and discretion are top priority. Would you appreciate it if your buying or selling intentions were being discussed in your local newspapers? - Don't you think that if you utter your acquisition intentions too openly, prices will rather go up? So going public is generally not the appropriate approach.

Our involvement:
Your added value

Consultancy must be remunerated - this is correct. The good news is: Up to date, we have always been able to consult our clients in such a way that the financial benefit has exceeded our consultancy fees by far - often many times over.

Take us to the test. We will not disappoint you.

We manage the transaction process

You may also anonymously enter your buying or selling request into a public databank. This approach hardly ever leads to success. Many of our clients had tried and failed this way before they successfully reached their strategic goal with our help.

Get us as proven and experienced professionals to accompany your company sale.