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Poland: Profitable, fast-growing construction company - 17 m EUR
A leading service company in the construction, installation, planning and maintenance sector from Poland with over 15 years of experience is available for majority acquisition. It has its own planning office for sanitary installations for the coordination of electrical and general contractor work. Its customers include renowned brands such as Michelin, Daikin and IKEA, as well as an increasing number of public clients such as hospitals and schools. The company generated sales of EUR 17 million and EBITDA of EUR 0.85 million in 2023. The company is financially stable and independent, with a share capital of PLN 60,000. The team comprises 80 permanent employees and up to 300 skilled workers on a project basis. Continuous training and fast, flexible management are key elements of the company's successful strategy. The company is looking for a partner from Germany or Western Europe to jointly drive the company's growth through further Europeanisation of the business. The company is characterised by many years of experience, stable finances, high quality and an excellent customer portfolio.

Projektnummer: 24 626

Poland: Profitable premium manufacturer of upholstered furniture - 4 m EUR
A successful Polish manufacturer of upholstered furniture with a turnover in 2023 (2022) of approx. 4.0 m EUR (3.8 m EUR) and an EBITDA of approx. 0.5 m EUR (0.2 m EUR) is for sale. With over 32 years of experience, 83 employees and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, the company operates in Western Poland and specialises in the production of customised special furniture for the upscale retail and hotel industries (including Hilton and Van der Valk). The company is characterised by modern, sustainable production and innovative measures to increase efficiency. With patented products and numerous industry awards, it has established a strong brand and high quality. The high level of vertical integration enables modern, efficient production and low-cost products. The company has no bank liabilities and has fixed co-operation agreements. There is high growth potential, particularly in the DACH region. With margins of between 7% and 15% p.a. and a qualified second management level, the financial stability and management are solidly positioned. Future prospects include the utilisation of joint synergies to intensify cooperation and the development of new cooperation partners. The overall acquisition of the company, including various patents and real estate, offers an industry investor the opportunity to drive expansion in Europe.

Projektnummer: 24 625

Modern plastic injection moulding manufacturer - Krakow area - 1.3 m EUR
The profitable limited liability company from the Krakow area, operating since 2013 is an internationally active company with 40 years of experience in plastic injection moulding and the production of plastic parts. With 22 employees the company is experiencing a 30% growth from 2022 towards a turnover of EUR 1.3m in 2023 and an EBITDA of over 14%. With its unique know-how in processing various granulates and modelling 3D prototypes, the company offers excellent opportunities for international orders and serial production. Production of any moulds made of PE, PP, PC, ABS, SAN and POM, EVA, WPC - partly bio-based and biodegradable Main activity is the design and production of injection moulds and cutting tools. The company is looking for an industrial partner from Germany or Western Europe to strengthen its export business and further increase the value of the company. It has a modern production infrastructure with 67 machines, including 11 Arburg injection moulding machines, and is ISO 9001 certified. The company is financed from current capital and has no working capital loans. It has stable supply relationships with various suppliers and offers potential investors an attractive opportunity to benefit from an established company with strong growth potential. Minority interest and - with appropriate perspective - also majority interest possible.

Projektnummer: 22570

Poland: Digital Signage - EU-wide scalable IT services company - 2.7 m EUR
The provider of digital media information systems in Poland/Lower Silesia is expanding the identified potential in the field of digital signage and is looking for a strategic partnership to expand further growth across Europe. With a turnover of EUR 2.7 million in 2023, an EBITDA of EUR 127 K and 50 employees, the company offers industry partners a solid basis for successful cooperation. As an expert in digital signage and with 30 years of experience in the production of illuminated outdoor advertising, the company is a leader in this industry. With unique expertise in the combination of digital and traditional forms of illuminated advertising, the range of services includes the creation and distribution of electronic content for advertising and publications at points of sale and public places. The company holds quality certificates, patents and numerous awards. An industry partner is currently being sought in return for a minority stake in order to scale the company's IT services across Europe and create meaningful synergies. If the partner has the right prospects, a majority shareholding may also be discussed.

Projektnummer: 23623

Medtec Start UP: Digital health platform # 200 kEUR - 900 kEUR
An ambitious Medtec start-up (since 2020) with competent founders brings patients and specialised healthcare providers together in a focused format for mutual benefit. It plans to acquire EUR 750,000 in the current seed round, with EUR 900,000 being ideal for a longer runway. EUR 500,000 of this has already been committed, which is why it is currently looking for one or more co-investors who would like to close the gap. A valid notification from BAFA for an attractive INVEST grant for investors for 20% of the investment has been received; this amount will be reimbursed directly by BAFA and the exit is also tax-privileged. The investment will mainly be used to increase market penetration through targeted marketing and sales measures. A pitch deck and other informative documents such as an external business valuation report from an auditor, sophisticated financial planning and a business plan are available. As the delta is now only EUR 200 to 400 thousand, it is more likely that family offices and business angels or private individuals will be considered rather than VCs.

Projektnummer: 23622

Poland: Leading manufacturer of industrial plastic packaging
Manufacture of specialised, customised industrial packaging based on plastic sheets bonded with textile, metal, aluminium, foam or wood (traverses, reusable boxes, sewn inserts, three-packs, packaging separators, thermoformed packaging, foam separators and fillers, transport packaging), Large and small quantities, own designs, automotive, white goods, pharmaceutical, industrial and transport packaging, international customers with very well known consumer brands, quality certificate. 69 employees; second independent, established management level. Brand new hall and offices. Growth approx. 16% annually, turnover approx. EUR 7.5 million with EBITDA of 5.7% to 11.2%. The company is looking for an industry partner for further expansion and growth in Western Europe. Conveniently accessible via motorway or flight. Complete takeover possible.

Projektnummer: 23606

Poland: Production of metal turned parts - 10.2 m EUR
The southern Polish company for sale has established itself over the last 20 years as an expert in turning and machining processes and has a first-class portfolio of international customers with high demands. Stable cooperation with these customers and export business to European markets provide a solid foundation for the company's success. The company has the highest level of expertise in turning, drilling, threading, milling, rolling, grinding and induction hardening processes. Thanks to digital CNC machining as well as competitive and cost-effective analogue metalworking, the company is able to carry out large-scale production. The company also produces special tools necessary for production from powder steels, carbide monoliths and steel semi-finished products with brazed plates. However, it also processes materials such as steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze and aluminium. The experienced and competent team of engineers and qualified production staff generated a turnover of approximately EUR 10.2 million in 2023 with a total of 160 employees and an EBITDA of approximately 9%. The owners are determined to carry out a merger with a suitable industry company from the DACH region in order to advance Europeanisation and export further services.

Projektnummer: 23602

Poland: Galvanization company - 4.5 m EUR
A Polish galvanization company offering customized galvanization services (selective plating and special surface preparation before plating, as well as alignment, bolting, protection or passivation of the electroplated parts). Modern automated production lines, very low competition in silver and tin plating processes, has the unique combination of silver and graphite (connectors at high voltages) offered by few companies worldwide, many certificates, excellent portfolio of international customers. 60 employees, sales EUR 4.5m, EBITDA 19.6%. Headquartered in Poland (conveniently accessible via Wroclaw, Katowice, Poznan), seeking industry partners for Europeanization, majority stake possible.

Projektnummer: 23601

Leading European EMS Fitness Manufacturer & E-commerce - 4.95 m EUR
This very profitable EMS manufacturer and retailer from the DACH region in the sports and fitness sector with a business that can be multiplied across Europe and a strong brand is for sale. A competent team of employees and further experienced freelancers generated with high-tech products for electro muscle stimulation (EMS) a most recent turnover of about 3 m EUR with annual EBITDA margins of up to 28%. Sales increases of > 60% in both 2019 and 2020. A successful product innovation from autumn 2022 generated a strong increase in sales in 2023. The company has already set the course for further growth, especially internationally. The young EMS fitness trend is enjoying unabated growth throughout Europe and the world, with more and more EMS and fitness studios opening and the demand for EMS systems with suits etc. continuously increasing throughout Europe and the world. The target group is the high-spending mid-agers as well as EMS and fitness studios. The company maintains strong brands, various domains and 5 patent applications. The products are manufactured according to their specifications by reliable and high-quality manufacturers in the Far East and sold directly to customers via their own online shop and other channels. Sufficient familiarisation and handover of a buyer is flexibly ensured. Optionally, the privately owned company property can be rented or purchased. A rare opportunity to acquire an innovative and all-round healthy company with considerable international growth prospects.

Projektnummer: 23604

Green energy: Methanol - 6.5 m EUR
Become shareholder of this excellent European company that offers in financing round "Tranche 5" the last shares for about 60 EUR/share - in total 6.5 m EUR. Minimum participation: from 500,000 EUR onwards. Company succeeded in drastically reducing CO² emissions by converting climate-neutral CO² into methanol, storing it and reusing it as an energy source for buildings, industry, power generation and mobility. A CO²-neutral methanol circle replaces CO² from fuels and combustibles in an outstanding environmentally friendly way. Methanol is mostly very far superior to other fossil energy sources such as oil and gas, wood pellets and even hydrogen. Company developed and distributes Eco-friendly mini-power plants. As a technology leader, Company will build its own synthesis plant for the green production of methanol - a technological lighthouse project that will set new standards. This fascinating enterprise has a very reputable scientific and proven background for many years. Detailed information for serious investors after signing of an NDA.

Projektnummer: 23605


Steel traders wanted in DACH and EU
Profitable special traders or traders in the field of steel trading are being sought by an industry company. Companies that offer services in the wider environment of a steelworks, such as steel workers or steel processors, burning operations, laser operations, forging, alloys, coke-coal, are also possible. Other profitable niche providers, possibly also in the area of start-ups, are also sought. The following companies are not of interest: standard stockholders/full-range suppliers, reinforcing steel or bending companies. The scalability of the business model is important.

Projektnummer: 23616

Technical wholesaler - seals, plain bearings, etc. - up to 25 m EUR
A successful and established technical wholesaler is pursuing an active growth strategy and is looking for profitable technical wholesalers in the DACH region, possibly also Eastern Europe for total acquisition or for a majority stake. Niche suppliers and related areas are also sought. The company could be taken over, e.g. in the context of a succession. Wholesale areas could be: - Drive technology for trade, industrial or technology customers, - Sealing technology - Plain bearing technology - Hydraulics - Pneumatics - Maritime applications - Wind power - Mining technology - Agricultural and forestry technology - Medical technology - Mechanical engineering - Aviation - etc. Turnover range: up to approx. 25 m EUR Profitability > 10%

Projektnummer: 23613

Plastic Film Packaging Solutions - Europe > 3 m EUR
Private Equity with Buy & Build Strategy looks for supplier, manufactures, retailer of plastic film packaging solutions. 1. Manufacturer of thermoformed packaging. 2. Manufacturer or distributor of packaging films for form-fill-seal applications. a) Top films (flexible film) made of PP b) Bottom films (rigid film) made of PP or PET 3. Retailer Region: D-A-CH, Benelux, Northern Italy, France, Poland Target turnover: 3 m ? 30 m EUR

Projektnummer: 23611

German-speaking Switzerland: Established timber trading company or dynamic timber construction company.
Large strategic investor is looking to expand its portfolio in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. The company is looking for dynamic and established companies in the timber trade and timber construction sectors. On the one hand, it is planned to invest in or take over a timber trading company that supplies timber construction companies and joineries with the required timber products and accessories. In addition, the investor is looking for a timber construction company, preferably located in the cantons of Schwyz, Lucerne, Obwalden, Nidwalden, Zurich or St. Gallen.

Projektnummer: 21565

Food wholesalers and food chains > EUR 20 million - Europe-wide
An international group of investors is looking for profitable companies in the food sector in German-speaking countries and in other European countries. In particular, the group is looking for companies in the food wholesale sector as well as food chains. Purchase price > EUR 20 million - EUR 300 million

Projektnummer: 21551

DACH Region - BENELUX: Modern Health and Nutrition Companies
Family Office is looking for established companies in the fields of health, nutrition, food supplements, "super food", "healthy juices", organic and vegan food from turnover > EUR 2 million in the DACH region, the Netherlands and preferably in the Flemish speaking region of Belgium as well as young, also smaller companies from various sectors such as health care, nutrition, etc.

Projektnummer: 20531

Healthcare - Pharma - Clinics - Medical (consumer) goods - Laboratories - etc. > 1 m EUR
A German Group is looking for various (only) profitable companies in the healthcare and pharma sector internationally in the following regions: Turnover > 1 m EUR - EMEA / Asia / USA: (Food) Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Environmental Analysis; Turnover > EUR 2 m Europe / worldwide: Pharmaceutical services, Occupational Medicine, Occupational safety; Turnover > 1 m EUR - DACH region: Medical billing providers, Rehabilitation Clinics, Outpatient rehabilitation, Intensive Care; Turnover > 5 m EUR - DACH region: Nursing Homes, (Special) Clinics; Turnover > 10 m EUR: Medical (consumer) goods, Medical Technology.

Projektnummer: 20528

Staffing/Temporary Employment with focus on IT, healthcare and engineering sectors - EBIT > 0.5 m EUR
A German provider of staffing and related human resources services with a turnover of > 50 m EUR and > 50 branches throughout Germany. The company supplies qualified temporary workers to blue chip and SME customers active in various sectors, with a specialization in medical and IT Development. Growth strategy: Establishment of a market leader for qualified personnel staffing through organic expansion and selective acquisitions in IT, healthcare and engineering sectors in BENELUX and DACH region with turnover of > 5 m EUR and EBIT > 0.5 m EUR.

Projektnummer: 20527

Building Cleaning - Facility Management > 10 M EUR
A company or group of companies in the field of building cleaning and/or facility management with a turnover volume of EUR 10 million or more in German-speaking countries is required. The investor is a serious international fund that - if necessary together with the seller - aims for stable growth and further expansion of the company. If required, the investor provides qualified management for the management; however, this is not mandatory. Experience to date has shown that the investor maintains a fair relationship with the sellers and, if necessary, the continuing managing directors.

Projektnummer: 18507

European logistics company Health Care & Life Science > EUR 10 million turnover
Strategic Investor is looking for: --- Logistics company with focus on HealthCare industry, especially on medical technology. --- Focus of logistic activity in contract logistics (Warehousing and value-added services) --- Companies with location (s) in Europe, preferably Germany, Belgium and / or Netherlands. --- Turnover of the company EUR 10-70 million p.a. (possibly also several smaller acquisitions or partial purchase of a larger organization).

Projektnummer: 18488

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News from our company

  • Transeo Summit Lac de Genval, Belgium on June 03 - 04, 2024

    Transeo Summit Lac de Genval, Belgium on June 03 - 04, 2024

    At Transeo Summer Summit 2024 Dr. Hartmut Schneider presented the results of the strenthened partnership with IBBA/USA and the further prospects in the mutual cooperation in the Board and to the Transeo members.


  • IBBA 2024 Annual Conference Louisville/USA on 11.-12. May 2024

    Strengthening Transatlantic Partnership: IBBA 2024 Annual Conference in Louisville, KY, USA

    In May, Dr. Hartmut Schneider held a lecture at the IBBA 2024 Conference in Louisville, KY, USA. He could win several US Business Brokers to become the first US members of TRANSEO, Europe and could so increase the new partnership between TRANSEO and the IBBA. The International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) is the largest broker association in the US and worldwide with more than 3,000 members. A total of 675 members attended this year's annual conference.


  • Transeo Summit in Valetta/Malta on 12.-13. October 2023

    Transeo Summit in Valetta/Malta on 12.-13. October 2023

    The Transeo Summit is the reference event in Europe dedicated to transfers and acquisitions of SMEs. Dr. Hartmut Schneider gave lecture as Board Member of Transeo aisbl.


  • Polish electrical and communication technology company

    Polish electrical and communication technology company

    Transaction: A renowned German group acquires a stake in the successful East Polish electrical and communications engineering company. Through the exchange of employees, orders and know-how, a variety of synergies are created on both sides.


  • Medium-sized company SW consulting and development

    Medium-sized company SW consulting and development

    Transaction: A successful company from the field of management of software development projects, software engineering, technology and architecture consulting takes over content-related very profitable IT company in the field of consulting and system integration and continues this as part of a joint growth strategy using customer synergies.


  • Lectures on business succession 2020/2021

    Lectures on business succession 2020/2021

    RA Dr Hartmut Schneider gave various lectures on the topics of corporate transactions and corporate succession, inter alia at Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen, Institute for Family Business and Chair for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Prof. Dr R. Prügl (2020); as part of the event "Lebens-Werk erhalten: Herausforderung Nachfolge" of the Ulm Chamber of Commerce and Industry and at the h+h cologne trade fair on the topic of corporate succession (2021 each).


  • International tätiges Testhaus für SW und HW Technologie

    Internationally active test house for SW and HW technology

    As part of a successful corporate succession, an Internationally active test house for SW and HW technology was transferred to a renowned medium-sized group by way of a smooth transition, which will continue to expand the company with further support from the previous owner.


  • Marktbehauptung durch professionelle Beratung

    Marktbehauptung durch professionelle Beratung

    Ein Interview mit Dr. Hartmut Schneider

    Download als PDF


  • Transeo General Assembly in Barcelona on 12-14 June 2019

    Transeo General Assembly in Barcelona on 12-14 June 2019

    Transeo General Assembly in Barcelona on 12-14 June 2019 + Working Groups on “European Business Transfer Market Places” and “European Business Transfer Ecosystems”.


  • Global Entrepreneurship Congress, Bahrain

    Global Entrepreneurship Congress, Bahrain

    Dr. Schneider was speaker at GEC Bahrain 2019 with the lecture: Buyout Entrepreneurship and M&A: Key Drivers of Growth.


  • Growth of competence through expansion of our advisory network

    Growth of competence through expansion of our advisory network

    With i.a. Rainer Schwöbel and Jochen Mayer and further consultants with different core competencies we expanded the network of experts of M & A Strategie GmbH and expands its own consulting competence.


  • Traffic safety - protection and guidance systems Traffic routes

    Traffic safety - protection and guidance systems Traffic routes

    Transaction: The technical infrastructure service provider for the planning, development, assembly, maintenance and repair of protection and control systems for motorways, federal and state roads in the turnover category 10 - 20 m EUR was sold to a fund company. This fund uses the company as a platform for further continuous expansion and growth.


  • Industrial flooring manufacturer

    Industrial flooring manufacturer

    Transaction: The highly profitable specialist and complete supplier of concrete floor technology was sold by way of age succession with a transfer accompanied by the seller, transferring all customer contacts to a suitable successor.


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